Insanity Poker

Type of Activity:  Problem-Solving

Source:  This is a variation from the game 'Insanity' from Sam Sikes

Published in:  Playing With A Full Deck, by Michelle Cummings, and The Possiblesbag Teambuilding Kit Activity Manual, by Chris Cavert

Group Size:  This game plays best with 4 groups—4 to 6 in a group.

Props needed:  Jumbo Deck of Cards and 4 webbing circles.  The knowledge of Poker hands is essential, too.

Playing the Game:

Process:  Place the webbing circles in the playing area, each circle will represent the corner of a large square.  Webbing circles should be at least 25 feet from each other—so the sides of the square are about 30 feet.  In the center of the square area set out the Playing Cards face down and spread out a bit.  Divide your group into 4 teams and have each team stand behind a webbing     circle, designated as their Home circle—the circle is in between the team and the pile of Cards.  At this point you might need to review the types of Poker hands available and which hands are better than others (if you’re real nice you might provide a listing of hands for each team).  When there is enough understanding of Poker hands you can start.

The objective is, “To win you have to have the best Poker hand in your Webbing circle when the round is over.”  Say it just like that.  Here’s how it plays.  Only one member of each team at a time can go and obtain 1 Card.  Cards can be obtained from the pile of Cards at the center of the square or from any other circle—players may not prevent someone from obtaining a Card from a circle.  Once a player has a Card they must bring it to their Home circle and place it in the circle face up.  Then another member of the team can go get another Card—remember only 1 Card per person.  When the facilitator yells, “FREEZE” (a good round is about 90 seconds) all players must stop where they are—any movement or placing of a Card after FREEZE will result in elimination for the team in question.  Check the poker hands out—you may find that a pair of 2’s could win.  Play a few rounds before asking them who is winning.  Then ask them if there is a way for everyone to win?  Why is that important?  (The shift happens when all the teams pile their webbing circles on top of one  another and place down a Royal Flush in the Center of the Circles.

Debriefing topics:

  • How successful do you think you were at this activity?
  • Did stress play a factor into your success?
  • At what point did you start looking at the activity differently?

Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:   ~logic smart, picture smart, body smart

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