Card Punch

Type of Activity:  Problem-Solving

Group Size:  Best played with 6 or more players.

Source:  Variation on the activity Key Punch, ideas from Karl Rohnke and Sam Sikes.

Published in:  Playing With A Full Deck, by Michelle Cummings, and The Possiblesbag Teambuilding Kit Activity Manual, Chris Cavert

Playing the Game:

You can do this one using only the deck of cards and a stopwatch.  It is helpful to use some rope or webbing as number barriers.

Process:  First set up the playing area.  If you are using webbing set up two circles on the ground about 25-30 feet away from your starting line.  Now set up 2 Card Punch pads.  In each webbing circle you are going to set out one suit of Cards—13 cards.  For example, the Hearts will go in one circle, each Card facing up spread out equal distance from each other.  Then set out the clubs in the other circle—random order spread out within the circle face up.  You are ready to play.  If you are not using the webbing, simply place each suit grouping about 15 feet away from one another so it is obvious there are two separate card groups.

Have all the players start behind the starting line (this can be an imaginary line or a piece of webbing/rope laid out in a straight line on the floor.)  Inform the group that none of the equipment within the activity can be adjusted or moved.  Ask the group to divide themselves into 2 equal (or close to it!) teams.  One team will be assigned the Hearts and the other the Clubs.  On the word “GO!” (the time starts) all the players will go to their respective Card group and as a team they must touch the Playing Cards in order starting with the Ace ending with the King.  Only one player can be within the Card group/circle at a time.  If there are ever 2 players within the circle the time is void for the entire group.  The whole group (2 teams) is going for the lowest possible time.  So, when the last player steps across the start/finish line the time stops.  Untimed planning can only be done behind the start/finish line—this doesn't’ mean that they players cannot take a very long time trial as they plan their strategy near the Card Groups (but we don’t tell them this).  This activity will work the best when players and teams share ideas for the best possible process for the best time.

NOTE:  Cards do not tend to stay in place during high winds!

Possibilities:  For a more challenging run, place 2 suits of Cards into each Card group/circle.  If you need to make 3 groups, use another suit to create another Card Punch pad.

Debriefing topics:

  • How successful do you think the group was at this activity?
  • Was there any confusion on where you were supposed to go?
  • How did timing the activity make a difference in your performance?

Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:  ~picture smart, logic smart

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