Bottom's Up

Type of Activity: Energizer/Problem Solver

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Have participants partner up. As the game progresses your groups can join each other to increase the overall challenge.

Process: The objective is as one-on-one warm-up exercise that combines strength, balance and a very odd position. Start by having groups sit on the ground facing one another and place the bottom of your feet against the bottom of your partner's feet.  Legs should be bent, feet held high, and posteriors skootched fairly close to one another.  Then attempt to push against your partner's feet (while putting all your weight on your arms), until both of your derrieres come off the ground.  You will notice (poignantly) a tightening of the tricep muscles in your arms, considerable laughter, and not much movement on the first couple of tries.

If your bottom remains permanently welded to the ground, blame it on your partner and find   someone more your size to blame the next time.

Variations: Popsicle push up— where everyone tries to be off the group except for each participants hands.  ‘Everybody Up’ - participants try and stand up using each other starting with their bottom and feet firmly on the ground. Feet bottoms must stay in tact with ground during “stand up” process.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How did you and your partner strategize between each attempt?
  • What was challenging about this activity?

For resources:  Silver Bullets

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