Add On

Published in:  Bouldering Games for Kids, by Michelle Cummings

Grade level: 1-12

Equipment:  none

Objective:  To try to memorize an exact climb pattern.

Description: Have your participants get into groups of three.  The first climber makes three distinct moves and then comes off of the wall.  The second climber makes the exact first three moves and then adds on two distinct moves.  The third climber makes the exact first five moves and then adds on two distinct moves.  This pattern continues until the entire wall has been traversed.  If at any time one of the climbers makes an incorrect move, their turn is over for that try and the next person gives it a try.  The trio continues to copy their exact climbing pattern until they have traversed the entirety of the wall.  Students who are not on the wall can give hints to the climber to help remember the pattern.

Rules/Safety/Accommodations: Students should follow basic climbing wall rules.

Facilitation/Reflection Questions:

1. Was it hard to remember the climbing pattern?  Explain why or why not.
2. How were your partners helpful in this activity?
3. Explain whether it was harder to climb or to give directions.
4. Complete this sentence: I really enjoyed today’s activity because…

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