Trust Walk

Type of Activity: Trust

Props Needed: None/Blindfolds/Long rope with knots tied in it.

Set Up: If you choose to use blindfolds have each participant tie on a blindfold.  If you have not previously mentioned the trust aspects of participating in a blindfolded activity, those comments would be appropriate first.  If you are going to use a long rope with handle knots tied in it, tie those first before you ask the group to put on their blindfolds.

Process: Basically, you are going to ask the group to walk in a line with their eyes closed/blindfolded.  The facilitator will lead the group through some sort of obstacle course telling the first person in line all of the relevant information that they need to safely follow.  The participants must verbally pass this information down the line of participants.  It is recommended that another facilitator follow alongside to make sure that participants are being safe.  After the walk is done debrief each person's experience.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What was difficult about this activity?
  • How did you help others?
  • How hard was it to trust the information you were getting?
  • How is this like everyday life?

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