Partner Mirroring

Mirror is an excellent activity to help students learn to work with one another in a supportive manner.

Instructions:  Divide the students into pairs. Give each student a letter A or B. Then let students know that A’s will be the mover and B’s will be the Mirror. B’s job is to stay perfectly relaxed and only replicate exactly what A is doing as a mirror image. In other words, if A raises his right hand, B would be raising his left hand. (You might even begin by having all students go look in a mirror to see what it looks like when then move.) Give them some time to play with this, walking around monitoring their progress. After a few minutes, tell them to stop and relax by shaking out their arms and legs. Then switch and have B take over leading the movements. After a few minutes ask them to keep moving but see if the moves can come from a natural place with neither A nor B leading it. This can be quite challenging.

Suggest that students start with slow and predictable movements; the main objective is that an observer would not know who is leading and who is following.



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