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Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a nice open space for this one. Plays well with 12 to 24 participants for 20 to 30 minutes.  This is a great lead-in to Speed Elephant or Speed Rabbit.  Best to split your group into small teams of 3 participants (we have worked it out when there are 4 in a group by having participants switch out with each other every round).

Process: Plays somewhat like charades. You’ll give all the groups two minutes to create one (and maybe a backup) three-person life size caricature of something – common caricatures have included a grove of tress swaying in the wind, an elephant with big ears, two lumber jacks cutting down a tree, an outhouse roof over a sitter, tall grass blowing in the wind and so on. The overall objective here is that the group will be choosing three of the best life-size caricatures to use in a game of Speed Rabbit and Other Worldly Things (at least that’s what we use it for). After the allotted time the game can begin. One at a time the groups will display their caricature to the rest of the participants. The first participant to guess what the caricature is wins a point for their team – the facilitator gets to be the judge so she will need to know what the group is going to present before they do so. After the first round give the participants another two minutes to create another caricature for the second round. The energy is usually pretty good for three or four rounds. After the last round decide as a group what three caricatures they want to use in Speed Rabbit and Other Worldly Things.

Variations: Another one of Chris Cavert’s favorites is doing this one with Foam Noodles included in the caricature – great visuals!

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