Vortex with a Twist

Type of Activity:  Frontloading and Processing

Props Needed:  None

Set Up:  Need enough room to form a circle with your group. Ask the group to form a Double Chicken Wing circle (see The Chicken Game in Get To Know You’s) and then hold hands. Works well with 10 to 25 participants for 12 to 20 minutes.

Process:  As the facilitator, join the circle between two participants. You then break hands with one of the people to your side while asking the participants to continue holding hands, but to follow your lead!? You then turn, face-to-face with the person whom you are still holding hands with and give them a compliment for the day. After giving a compliment to the first participant move to the second participant and give her a compliment, taking that first person with you as you go. Moving to the third person, you give a compliment while the participant you are holding hands with is giving a compliment to the second participant. As you move to the fourth person, the person next to you is now facing the third person and they are to commend each other on the day.

As you move around the circle participants are giving compliments to the participants they are facing. Continuing the movement you eventually turn the circle inside out and rejoin hands with the other end of the circle. “Now it’s time to take what we learned or experienced here and to transfer it back to the outside world we will return to.” Finally, ask your group, without letting go of hands, to turn and face back into the middle of the circle. “What do we see?” Here is the opportunity for participants to reflect on the day - still holding hands. Concluding with, “Regardless of where we go next, this experience has brought us closer together. “ At this point the group can drop hands and share any parting celebrations.


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