The Captain is Coming

Type of Activity: Energizer/Icebreaker

Props Needed: None/Whistle

Set Up: This game is a great ice breaker and energizer for any group larger than 10...preferably larger than 20.

Process: The facilitator plays the role of the captain and is the person who calls out the orders.  The following orders are several actions that the group does during the game depending on what the captain calls out:

  • "The captain is coming"--Everyone stands at attention and salutes the captain.
  • "Swab the deck"--Everyone acts like they are quickly mopping the floor.
  • "Lighthouse"--Everyone gets into pairs.  They stand facing each other, then turn in a circle with elbows up and touching  while saying "boop, boop, boop."
  • "Man Overboard"--Everyone gets into groups of three.  Two people hold hands to form a circle around a third person who stands looking for the man overboard.
  • "Row Ashore"--Everyone gets into groups of four.  They line up single file, facing the same        direction and act as if they are rowing a boat together.
  • "Grub time"--Everyone gets into groups of five.  They stand in a tight huddle and act as if they are spooning food into their mouths while quickly saying "grub, grub, grub."

For people who cannot get into a group before all groups are full, they must "Walk the Plank."  These people walk over to a designated area and sing a pirate song.  “Oh, EE, Oh, a pirates life for me, Oh, EE, Oh, a pirates life for me” continuing until they hear “All Hands on Deck” or the game has ended. Again, presented with energy and a sprinkle of fun, the participants should be moving around and singing not even realizing the silly chaos.

Variation: Add ship directions (ie. Port, starboard, Bow, Stern, etc.). Make up new groupings if you need groups more then 5 participants.  Can make groupings based on themes such as:  Youth Group Program- “Christ is Here” – 1 person: head bowed in prayer. “Light Unto The World” – 2 people: back to back acting like a light house beacon.  “ Fisher of Men” – 3 people: join hands around a third person. Person in the middle is casting for fish.  “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” – 4 people: next to each other like they are riding horses together.  “The Wedding Feast” – 5 people: eating around a table.  If you can not form the “appropriate” activity then go to Heaven and start singing “Amazing Grace”. The facilitator can call, “Revival” to bring everyone back into the game.

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