Speed Elephant/ Speed Rabbit

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Process: Have the game initiator stand in the center of the circle.  His/her job is to point to a person in the circle and say either:  1) Elephant, 2) Palm Tree, or 3) Rabbit The signified individual, and the two people to that person's immediate right and left must perform a ritualized and symbolic pantomime sequence before the center person can count to 10.  If the sequence is not done correctly or in time, then the offending person (one of the three) must take the place of the initiator in the circle.  If the sequence is performed correctly, the initiator points to another person until someone eventually makes a mistake, or doesn't complete the sequence within the allotted time---count 1-10.

Elephant:  The person pointed to:  1) Extends his/her right arm forward, palm down, hand lightly cupped.  2)  Brings the left hand under the arm and up to pinch the nose.  3) flaps the right arm up and down, as in flapping their trunk.  4) The two participants to the right and left of the flapping trunk must become the "ears" of the elephant by making a big letter "C" with their arms in the  appropriate direction towards the "nose".

Palm Tree:  The person pointed to:  1) Assumes a 'Palm Tree Position" by extending arms up and hands bent down at the wrists.  2) The two participants to the right and left of the Palm Tree must  become hula dancers.

Rabbit:  The person pointed to: 1) Hand cupped, palms down near mouth like teeth and jumps up & down.  2) The two participants to the right and left of the Rabbit create long ears by putting hands overhead and together and standing next to center person.

Variation: Use your imagination to come up with new figures or ask your group to come with their own. Other common motions are:  Flight attendant:  The person pointed to reaches up in the air and pulls down the oxygen mask and breathes heavily into it.  The two participants to the right and left point out the exits of the plane. Lumberjack:  participant you point at brings his arms up as the tree and the two participants to either side of him start chopping motions at his legs.

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