Singing Con-Science

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need some sitting around area. Works well with 12 to 25 for 15 to 25 minutes.

Process: (Just a quick plug – Cooking for Play 4 Peace is a wonderful activity booklet designed to promote peaceful and playful community building. We highly recommend it. See the Resources section in The Empty Bag Book for more information.) Have one or two participants leave the room – somewhere they cannot hear the rest of the group. With the rest of the group, choose a word that you will want the absent participant(s) to try and figure out – a word with two or more syllables.  Initially we start out with a two-syllable word and work our way up to the longer ones. So, a word like Teamwork is pretty easy to start with. The idea here is that half of the group is going to repeat the word “team” and the other half is going to repeat the word “work” – everyone in the group saying their word at the same time - until the participant(s) sent from the room guess the word. To play the absent participant(s) is (are) asked to return to the group. On the count of “1, 2, 3,” the participants start saying their word. The guesser shouts out the full word when he believes he has it. If it’s not the word participants continue their chant until he gets it. Do a few two-letter words then move up to Leadership, Sportsmanship, Community, Cooperation (hard one), Whatchamakallit (a great candy bar!), etc.

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