Challenge Energizers

Challenge Energizers: This section includes a number of no-prop “fast-and-furious” group   challenges.  Some of the challenges are timed events (again, if you borrow a wrist watch for timing is it still a no-prop activity?)  – what will your groups World Record be? Some of them are “just-to-see-if-they-can-do-it” types. Keep them in this format and have the group pick a number they want to try, or cut and paste them on to index cards and have someone, “pick a card, any card.” The intention here is fun and challenge (and maybe even to fill some time). If the challenge stalls, take a timeout, maybe try another challenge and come back to the stall later.

  • Line up in a circle in alphabetical order, by first names, without talking.
  • Line up in alphabetical order by last names with your eyes closed.
  • Get in groups of people who share the same favorite color without vocal sounds.
  • Get into groups of people who share the same favorite food without talking.
  • Say the alphabet backwards, starting from Z, ending with A, in under ______ sec.
  • Using one letter from each person’s name (first or last), create a proper sentence – punctuation is free. (Groups of less than 10 can use two letters each.)
  • Spell the word “TEAMWORK” using your bodies as the letters.
  • In under 4 minutes, create each letter of the alphabet, in order from A to Z, using your bodies to make the letters.
  • Pass a “High Five” clap around your group - each participant giving and getting, one clap at a time in under _________ seconds. (About 1 second/participant.)
  • Choose five participants to name all the people in the group. (If there are over 15 people in the group, have three participants name them all. If there are over 25 pick another challenge card to play.)
  • Using your fingers (everyone needs to be included), come up with a mathematical formula that equals ______. (Any number can be used.)
  • Circle up the group. All participants are asked to touch feet to feet at the sides. Now ask the group to move around the circle (half way or all the way) without breaking any feet-to-feet contact.
  • Stack as many fists vertically on top of each other without any participant leaving the ground.
  • As a group, link together in a circle making each link in between participants different.
  • Number your group 1 to ?? Now line up in alphabetical order based on the spelling of the  number each participant has – as quickly as possible.
  • Stack flat hands on top of each other palms down. Now, reverse the order of hands as quickly as possible keeping palms down at all times.
  • Say your names (each participant saying there own) in “order” as fast as humanly possible.
  • Make the longest continuous sound – one participant at a time. Each participant may only sound one time.
  • Make the fewest possible points of contact with the ground using all the members of your group – no other resources allowed.
  • Choose two team members to make a “hole” by holding hands. Position the hole for optimal success (then it becomes stationary). The rest of the team has to go through the hole without touching any part of the “hole makers” (the two team members). Restart after a touch.
  • How many hands can your group put together where each hand is touching every other hand.

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