Celebration Circle

Type of Activity: Frontloading and Processing

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a nice open area for this one. Plays well with 15 to 25 participants for 25 to 30 minutes.

Process: At the close of your program split your group into smaller groups of 3 to 5 participants. Have each group work independently for 10 minutes designing a celebration that will fit the end of the day and that can be taught in a single demonstration to the other groups. You want to emphasize that the theme of celebration might be to identify and commemorate what was learned including powerful insights, humorous episodes, significant events, or valuable lessons. Qualify that the celebration should be short, vivid, specific, and inclusive (meaning everyone is able to repeat it). After 10 minutes gather the groups together and form a Double Chicken Wing circle (see The Chicken Game in Get To Know You’s) keeping the small group members together around the circle. Indicate to each group when they will perform their celebration – give out the order. Then each group, from their position in the circle, will enthusiastically present their celebration for everyone else to observe. Then they will immediately present it in a way that everyone else can learn it. Finally, everyone in the circle repeats the celebration together – present the celebration, teach it, then everyone does it together. After a round of applause, the next group begins the same process.

Note: Ms. Evans encourages us to keep the energy and participation high by establishing the pace – moving quickly and intentionally from group to group until everyone is finished. Don’t permit pauses to dull the excitement.

Variations: If the energy is still going, perform one final round repeating each celebration in order without any pauses in the action. End with high fives all around.

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