Body Part Tag

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a nice big area to run around in. Plays well with 12 to 25 participants for 10 to 15 minutes.

Process: This one is a fun staple tag game we like to use to introduce the “challenge” concept. We have played this one as an elimination game or a point gathering game like Flashback Tag. We have played with 1 or 2 participants being IT or everybody being IT – we like all the flexible choices. Basically, when someone gets tagged they squat down (or move to the side) until the round is over (if it’s a point gathering the participant stays in). Participants tag each other with an open hand.

  • Round One: Pick a large body area like the back for tagging.
  • Round Two: The next target is any part of either arm.
  • Round Three: we tag just one arm – right or left.
  • Round Four: we move to tagging the hand – how will the participants determine if they were tagged or if they tagged.

The progressive challenge issue is one we can discuss after the game. This final round of tagging the hand is an interesting gauge of the participants competitive nature – issues tend to surface here that can be added to the processing session.

Variations: Sean McFeely rekindled a nice addition to Body Part Tag. Playing with one or two “ITs”, a tagged participant must fall to the ground and wave their arms exclaiming "Help Me, Help Me!" Any four untagged participants can help this person reenter the game by lifting him up (teamwork) by his four appendages and carrying him over the boundary line. The four helping participants are immune to any tags. After crossing the boundary line all the participants may go back into the game. It is also permissible for three, two, or even one person to carry (drag usually) the helpless participant across the boundary line, but these helpers are still vulnerable to being tagged themselves. Once the  taggers render any help possible the round is over – or you can call a countdown if the energy is fading.

For original write up purchase "Empty Bag.”  

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