The objective of this game is to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Instructions:  Two people begin with one giving the first line of a made up story and the other giving the last line of a made up story. They can be unrelated. A new person comes in and steps in the middle of the “beginning” and the “end” (players separate to make room for this person).  He or she then says a new line, something that happens toward the beginning, middle, or end of the story. The next person comes in and adds something new. Each time a new person comes, that person decides where they want to go in the line and the students already on stage make room for them.

At first the lines can be unrelated but as the game continues, those adding to the story need to add lines that tie the pieces together, by placing themselves strategically before a previous line to justify an event: cause and effect. So when at last the final person arrives, his/her contributing line ties everything together neatly and now the story finally makes sense.

Curriculum Corner:

  • Social Studies: Tell a story about a time in history.
  • Science: Tell a story about a famous science experiment.
  • Language Arts: Have students write their sentence on a sentence strip and then put story back together again. Next, have students write out whole story embellishing where needed.

Variation:  Use this to map out the program for a group or how the group wants to be at the end of their experience.  Allows the group to look long term rather than in the moment. How do actions now affect the end result?




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