Best, Worst, First Thumball

Best, Worst, First Thumball

This unique icebreaker ball stimulates conversations about player's best, worst or first life experiences. Great conversation starter and helps participants share stories.  Compare and contrast life events with each other. Share stories about best, worst or first memories. Easy way for friends old and new to get acquainted. Stimulates interesting recollections and reflective thinking.

Type of Activity:  Story Telling, Commonalities, Get to Know You, Ice Breaker Tool

Props Needed:  Best, Worst, First Thumball (White & Blue Panels)

Set Up:  The easiest way to play is to get the participants into a circle and ask them to toss the ball to one another.  Whenever the ball is caught, ask that person to look underneath their right thumb for the category.

Process:  This is our favorite way to introduce experience sharing with a group.  Toss the ball around the circle, whoever catches it looks under their thumb and announces what is written there. They then get to choose to tell a story about an experience they had that was either their best, worst, or first experience with the topic their thumb is on.

For example, if the command is "First Date", the participant can choose from 3 different types of experiences to share with the group. The option of being able to choose the type of story gives the option for participants to go deeper or stay superficial. They choose the level of detail and how they want to share.

Allow each participant a chance to tell a story with the group. If a particular topic does not fit the participant they can toss the ball to themselves for a new topic or choose the topic that is under their other thumb.

Variation: Great prompts for charades and improvisational games but have the group decide whether it is best, worst, or first together.

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