30 Second Commercial

This activity supports oral presentation skills by encouraging students to speak on random topics as quickly as possible.

Instructions:  Each student receives the name of a product requiring a 30 second commercial.  The goal of this game is to speak as fast and loud as possible, and to do so for 30 seconds.  Remind students to repeat the name of their product as often as possible.  Other elements to include in the commercial that could make it more believable are phone numbers, prices, and websites. Encourage students to include usefulness of product and why the customer should buy it.

Curriculum Corner:

  • Language Arts:  have student present a 30 second commercial for a book they have read and a story they are written.  Or have students design a brochure for a real or fictional product.  This is a great game for building understanding of persuasion.  Use this game to prepare for writing a persuasive paragraph or essay based on a product.
  • Social studies:  Have students present their commercial on a character or event from history.
  • Math / Science:  have students present their commercial on a math or science concept.

Variation:  Have students pick one of the following the present it to the group.  Group can be given the opportunity to “buy/sell” qualities to build the best “leadership team” or “leader/follower”.

  • Mentor / Role Model and describe their qualities.
  • Quality of a good leader and why?
  • Qualities of a good follower and why it is important.



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