Taking Charge

Type of Activity: Warm Up

Props Needed: One webbing circle

Set Up: This event is both a warm-up activity, and an opportunity for leadership within the group.  Place a Raccoon Circle at the center of a group.

Process: As the facilitator, begin the activity by standing in the center, and informing the group that the person standing in this position has the power to lead the group.  The music “I’ve Got the Power” can be used, or some other motivational, athletic, or inspirational music.  Begin with some stretching motions such as arm circles, neck rolls, or leg stretches.  Then progressively begin using more complicated motions, such as jumping jacks, where typically someone else will find the motivation to say “I’ve Got the Power,” or “I’m taking charge!”  and lead the group into another stretching movement.  Continue for the length of the song, or until most of the group members have had a chance to lead the group.

For original write up purchase "Book of Raccoon Circles" by Cain & Smith.  

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