Rock Paper Scissors- Line Ups

Type of Activity:  Ice Breaker, Problem Solver

Props Needed:  Masking Tape or piece of webbing

Set Up:  Ask the group to all stand on a TP Shuffle, piece of long masking tape, piece of webbing (insert your own idea here).  Set a timer for 5 minutes.

Process:  The goal of the activity is to maneuver the participants on the end to the opposite ends.  The group may not step off of the line and must help one another maneuver around one another.  Participants play RPS to see which direction the will move.  If they win, they advance one position closer to their goal.  If they lose, they move one position away from their goal.  You can create penalties for touches, such as having the entire group start over, or just one person start in their original position.  Working together is the key to success.  The activity is over when the timer goes off.  Have the group evaluate how close they came to their goal.  Second chances are up to you!


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