Type of Activity: Trust

Props Needed: None, blindfolds if you choose

Set Up: The "Prui" (pronounced PROO-ee) is a gentle friendly creature that grows.  Everyone wants to find and become a part of the Prui.

Process: To do this, everyone stands in a group, closes their eyes and starts milling about.  When a participant bumps into another, he/she shakes his/her hand and asks, "Prui?"  If the other participant asks "Prui?" back, then he has not found the Prui.  The participants then find other participants to ask.  After awhile the leader whispers to one of the participants that he/she is the Prui.  The Prui can open his/her eyes but cannot speak.  When asked if he/she is the Prui, he/she doesn't respond.  This is how he/she is found.  When a participant finds the Prui, he keeps holding the Prui's hand, and becomes a part of the Prui.  This continues until everyone is part of the Prui.

Variations: See “The One” in the Get to Know You section of the Field Guide.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What did you like about this activity?
  • What strategies did you use to find the Prui?
  • What was difficult about this activity?

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