Playing Card Pair Tag-Quad Tag

Type of Initiative:  Energizer

Group Size:  Best played with 12 or more players.

Setting up the cards:   You will need two cards of like value (i.e. two 5 cards, two Kings, two 9 cards). Each participant will receive one card, so if you have a group of 20 participants, you would need 10 pairs of cards.  This game is best played with an even number of participants.

Playing the Game:  Invite your group to stand in a circle.  Hand everyone a card.  Each person may look at their card and then hold it facing out so everyone else in the circle can see their card, too.  Without changing places, have participants scan the circle to find the participant with the same number card that they have.  This will be their partner.

Have one participant decide who will be ‘it’ first and who will be ‘chased’ first.  Remind your participants that this is a fast walking game.  When the facilitator says “Go!” the person who is ‘it’ walks fast towards the person being ‘chased’.  As in a normal tag game the person being ‘chased’ tries to avoid getting tagged by the person who is ‘it’.

If the person being chased is tagged by the ‘it’ then they reverse roles.  The person who WAS being chased is now IT and must turn around in a circle before fast walking after their partner.

Can be used in small groups or groups as large as 1,000!

Variation:  Quad Tag

After you have played Pair Tag, you can easily move into Quad Tag.  Have your Pairs stand together with their cards and link elbows.  You will have to exchange half of the group’s cards with new cards that match the other half of the group’s cards.  Example:  If you have 16 participants you will have 8 pairs of people linked at the elbow.  Four groups will keep their cards.  You will exchange the other four groups with cards that match the first four groups.  To begin play, the pairs will find the other pair in the circle that have the same cards as they do.  One group will start as ‘it’ and the other pair will be ‘chased’ first.  Same rules apply as above.

Debriefing topics:

  • Was it difficult to find your partner amongst all of the other people?
  • What strategies did you come up with to avoid getting tagged? to tag your partner?

Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:  ~people smart, body smart

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