Hog Call

Type of Activity: Ice-Breaker/Get to know you

Props Needed: Hog Call Cards

Set Up: Open space free of obstacles. Best for groups of 6 or more with an even number of participants.

Process: Have the group stand in a line shoulder to shoulder facing you.  With your animal cards, go down the line and give each person the identity of an animal, but not to share it with anyone.  Make sure that you have pairs of every animal that you give out.  Once everyone has been assigned an animal, tell the group that they must find other animal's within their "kin", or animals the same as they are.  However, everyone must close their eyes and make the sound of their animal to find other like animals.  Remind people to put their "bumpers" up to avoid collisions. Once partners find each other have them link arms so facilitator knows they found their “kin.”

Variation: No blindfolds or closed eyes and each animal creates an action of their animal and find their “kin” using visual ques. Add multiples (3+) of an animal to form a group. Celebraties/Partner Pairs: Using index cards put names of well known pairs (ex. Andelina & Brad Pit, Burt & Ernie, etc.) and place card on the back of each participant. Other participants describe to the person who they are then must find their partner pair.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What was difficult about finding your partner?
  • What strategies did you come up with to find your partner?

For original write up purchase "Silver Bullets" by Rhonke.  

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