Get It Back

Type of Initiative: Icebreaker

Group Size: 10-52 participants

Props Needed: playing cards, one per participant

Playing the Game:

Deal a Card to each player in the group—they can look at their card.  Then ask them to simply mingle around meeting and greeting each other.  You might tell players to share their name and their favorite food with each person they greet or any other appropriate information-seeking question.  After each greet, players exchange Card and then move along to find another person to meet and greet.  After a minute or so you can call out, “Get It Back.”  Play continues in the same way as before except when a player exchanges Cards and receives their original Cards/he can step out of the mingle and watch the rest of the players finish up the round.  After all players have their original Cards they should end up in a large circle.  Then take a little time to find out how many names people remember.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Name 3 things you learned about one of your partners.
  • Did you come up with any strategies on how to get your own card back?
  • Was it easy to share things about yourself?
Learning styles utilized from the 7 Kinds of Smart:  ~self smart, people smart, word smart

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