Full Body Rock Paper Scissors

Type of Activity: Ice Breaker, Energizer

Props Needed:  None

Process:  Two people play – face away from each other and take three jumps in place of three shakes of the hand – as they land the third jump, they make R,P or S with their body-

  • Rock – A scrunched up ball on the ground
  • Scissors – Stand on one leg and make a chopping motion with leg and arm – also must make cutting sound ..
  • Paper – Stretch out and stand flat – and have a paper like expression on your face.

Variation:  Body Rock Paper Scissors in Teams

Played like Giants, Wizards and Elves if you know it  - two teams face off about 50 feet apart – each team decides which ‘form’ they will show when they approach the other team.  Teams meet in the middle and on the count of three they all make a full body R, P or S as agreed on by the team – the winning team chases the loosing team and whoever they catch before the team reaches their starting point, joins their team.


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