Type of Activity:  Get to Know You

Props Needed:  None

Set Up:  This activity is designed to see what people have in common.  Tell the large group that they will start out in one large group and then divide into smaller groups and then even smaller groups.  After you have completed a few rounds you will be in groups of 2 or 3 people.

Process:  Large group:  Decide upon one thing you all have in common.  Check to make sure everyone actually has that one thing in common.

Divide in half (two groups) and ask each half to come up with something you have in common that is within the first category.

Divide each of those groups in half and ask each group to come up with something they have in common that relates to the last category.

Continue this process until you have groups of twos or threes.

When the groups are as small as they can get, ask each group to announce their last commonality.  Expect a wide range of responses that may seem to have no connection to the group's original     response.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How is your find things in common that related to the original commonality?
  • Was it difficult to find commonalities? Did it get easier or harder as the group size changed?

Facilitator Notes:  I tend to move from group to group as they make their decisions.  I often ask for groups to raise their hands when they are ready for the next round.  Even in a group of 30 people you will end up with 14 small groups at the end and it can be a challenge to manage.  The number of times the groups will divide is really not many.  A group of 30 people will only go through 4 rounds before they finally split into groups of pairs and triads.


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