Wizards and Gelflings

Type of Activity: Energizer, Tag

Props Needed: Magic Orb/Gertie ball

Set Up: Large open space good for groups 10 or more with clear boundaries marked.

Process: In the universe (as defined by the boundaries of this game, there are two forces at work.  Each force is represented by a unique species of beings.  As is often the case when two species co-exist, there is tension and competition.

The first species is the Wizards.  Wizards tend to be pretty serious because they are always   thinking--creating spells, calculating formulas, analyzing experiments, chanting ancient rituals...you know the type.  They like their work a lot and don't like to be distracted. Choose 1 or more participants (pending group size) to be wizards.

On the other hand, Gelflings live to have FUN (with a capital F!).  They frolic, fantasize, sing, dance, merrily enjoying themselves without a care in the world.  Well, almost not a care.  They must watch out for Wizards. All remaining participants are automatically gelflings.

Wizards have a fixated mindset about Gelflings.  See a Gelfling, freeze it!  NOW!! Wizards constantly try to freeze Gelflings by touching them with their magic ball/wand/orb.

As soon as a Gelfling is frozen, it immediately reacts to the suspension of its ability to frolic by emitting the Universal Gelfling Distress Call:  A very high pitched wail, "Help Me, Help Me, Help Me...."

A physical motion emphasizes this distress.  Hands placed on top of your head chanting out ever so annoyingly, "Help Me, Help Me, Help Me..."  This is the universally recognized Gelfling symbol for "help."  This call repeats itself over and over until at least two unfrozen Gelflings surround their frozen partner, joining hands and turn a circle around that person calling out, "Be free Gelfling, Be FREE!"  At this joyful juncture, the frozen Gelfling is free to frolic once again.

Wizards hate to see all their cryogenic work undone, so they get particularly upset as Gelflings  become unfrozen.  Wizards exhibit extra amounts of serious freezing energy when Gelflings congregate around a frozen partner.

There are two ways this game can end.  One is the Wizard can freeze all of the Gelflings.  The other is for the Gelflings to freeze the Wizard.  This takes place when FOUR Gelflings congregate around a frozen Gelfling turn a circle around them and call out, "Be free Gelfling, Be FREE!!"  It can be quite a challenge to get 4 Gelflings around a frozen Gelfling without a Wizard taking serious notice.

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