Viper Tag

Type of Activity: Energizer, Tag

Props Needed: None/Marker Cones

Set Up: Open area free of trip hazards. Mark off playing area with markers or cones.

Process: In this game everyone starts out with two "vipers."  Your "vipers" are your hands with your first two fingers up and ready for striking position.  (Like a peace sign with fingers bent.)  Once everyone has established their vipers and can make the viper hiss noise, (do that now), then you are ready for play.  Instruct the group that everyone is IT, but you must stay within the boundaries.  If you get tagged by someone's viper, you must hold onto the bite spot with one of your vipers.  If you get tagged again, you must hold onto that bite spot with your other viper.  You are now pretty defenseless...if you get tagged one last time you get the opportunity to create a big death and dying scene and remove yourself from the game.  The group can vote on the best death and dying scene after the game is over.

Variation: Instead of vipers each gets two “band aids.” Choose 1 participant to be a “doctor” who can “heal” those that have used all their bandages. This helps the game go a little longer but there is less dramatic death opportunities. (Known as Hospital Tag)

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