Swords and Samurai's

Type of Activity: Ice Breaker/ Energizer

Props Needed: 2 Plastic Expandable Swords OR  Short Noodles.

Set Up: Best for group of 10 or more. Have the group stand in a circle to start.

Process: Have the group stand in a circle.  Ask for one volunteer to start out as the Samurai.  The Samurai stands in the middle of the circle.  He/She has two choices, to swing their sword up high, or to swing their sword down low.  The Samurai must make precise swings, either high or low, nothing in between.  Now, the people standing in the circle must react to the swing choices of the Samurai.  If when the sword is coming your way or pointed in your direction you must react to where the sword is, if the Samurai chooses to swing the sword high, you must duck.  If the Samurai chooses to swing the sword low, you must jump.  If you react in any manner other than what is required of the swing chosen, you must remove yourself from the circle.  Eventually there will only be one participant left battling the Samurai.  This participant becomes the next Samurai.

Debriefing Topics:

  • What strategies did you come up with as the Samurai?
  • What was helpful when trying to outwit the Samurai?

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