Slow Tag

Type of Activity: Energize

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a nice big open area to run around in. Plays well with 12 to 25 for 10 to 12 minutes. Mark the four corners of our boundary area for this one with something soft like coats or sweaters. Make a good size boundary to fit the size of your group.

Process: Ask everyone to get their own personal space within the boundary – no one should be able to touch anyone at this point. Being that this is a tag game, if you get tagged with an open hand anywhere (or limit the spot like in Body Part Tag on previous page) on the body you must sit down. During the game the leader will call, “Step” at which point each participant can take one step – one foot in any direction (if the other foot moves from the spot where it is at, the participant has to sit). The leader calls, “Step” again. Now the other foot can take a step in any direction. The only time a participant can move is when the facilitator calls, “STEP!” There will be some interesting tactics developed during this game. Again, after you are tagged you sit down, however, you are not out of the game. The sitting participants become, as Karl Rohnke has so dubbed them, “Ankle Biter” and can still tag others who are moving about. Participants must be in the SITTING position (how ever this is defined at the beginning of the game) and they are not allowed to tag the participant who tagged them. Play until there are two people left – or go for the duel. Whatever you have time for.

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