Ships and Sharks

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: Hula Hoops or webbing circles,  Marker Cones

Set Up: This is a fun way to move a group across a field, as it requires large open space.  Set up a beginning point and an ending point.

Process: Have 2 or 3 people per hula hoop/circle.  The idea is that when you are standing on the inside of your hula hoop/circle, that you are on your boat and therefore safe from the sharks.  Everyone must hold on to the outside of the hula hoop/circle and cross the field.  When the facilitator cries out "Ship!" the participants can run towards the end goal.  If the facilitator cries out "Shark!" the participants must drop the hoop/circles and get inside of their hula hoop/circle.  A command may also be given to "Switch!" and everyone must scramble to a new circle. Remember only 2 to 3 people per hoop.

Variation: This activity can be made more complex by limiting the number of people from one group that can board another ship. Can also remove hoops so it gets a little harder to fit everyone in the circle.

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