Rock Paper Scissors- The Ultimate Ride

Type of Activity:  Ice Breaker

Props Needed:  None

Process:  Have the entire group stand in a large circle.  Explain the game first by describing the motions and basic premise of the game as follows:  Every person begins this game as a bicycle.  The motion to becoming bicycle is to ball up the fists, hold them out in front of the body and make a circular “pedaling” motion.  When the leader says “go,” each person will find another “bicycle.”  Participants can ONLY get into pairs.  Once the bicycles are paired together, each pair will play RPS.  Of course, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock.  The winner of each pair now becomes a scooter.  The loser remains a bicycle.  (Please refer to the description of the motions at the end of this section.)  The leader calls “go” again and the bicycle pairs must pair up and the scooter pairs pair up.  RPS is played again.  If you lose as a scooter, you must become a bicycle again.  If you win as a scooter, you then become a semi-truck.  The game is completed again.  Each time a participant loses a game, he drops back to the vehicle before.  If the Semi-truck participant wins, they then evolve into the Ultimate Ride.  Once a participant is an Ultimate Ride they cannot drop back down.  This game is played until most of the participants are Ultimate Rides.

Description of Motions:

  • Bicycle – hands in front balled into fists moving in a circular “peddling motion”
  • Scooter – hands like riding a motorcycle making a “vrrrrmmmm vrrrmmm” noise
  • Semi-Truck – one hand in the air pulling the horn making a “honk honk” noise
  • Ultimate Ride – arm bent and stretched to one side as if hanging out of a car window.  The other hand is coolly holding the steering wheel.

Variation:  See Evolution



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