Rock Paper Scissors Baseball

Type of Activity: Ice Breaker, Energizer

Props Needed:  Spot markers

Set Up:  Set out a diamond – form two teams and have both teams start behind home plate.

Process:  One team sends one member toe-to-heel walking towards first base, the other team sends one member toe-to-heel walking towards third base.  When they meet they stop and yell, “Oy, Eechi Eechi Hoy!”  three times.  When they both say HOY the third time, they show their Rock, Paper or Scissor sign.  Whoever wins continues toe-to-heel walking in the direction they were originally heading.  Whoever loses returns to the end of the line and the next member of their group starts walking toe-to-heel.  Each team is trying to prevent the other team from rounding the bases completely and scoring a point.  You can either end the game when a point is scored, or play to 5 points.  Either way is fun!  J


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