Rock Around the Clock

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Change, Energizer

Props Needed: Webbing circles

Set Up: This activity begins with a group of participants standing around the perimeter of a Raccoon Circle that has been placed on the ground.

Process: While facing inward, each participant’s feet should be in contact with the person’s feet on each side of them (Toe to Toe). The person standing near the knot is asked to rotate clockwise around the circle to the opposite side (i.e. from the 12 o’clock position to the 6 o’clock position), moving everyone else in the process, with everyone keeping their feet in contact at all times.

Keeping other parts in contact is optional, but a good problem solving idea (such as holding hands, shoulder-to-shoulder, etc.). This is one of those ‘easy to explain, difficult to perform’ challenges. If the group is having a difficult time, ask them to have a seat on the floor, then place their feet in contact with each neighbor, and now try to complete the challenge. It is sometimes easier to have everyone scoot around the circle, than while standing.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Why didn’t the group consider this solution earlier?
  • It is also interesting to process the group’s own quality control analysis (i.e. did they call out their own mistakes, or try to hide them?)

For resources:  The Book of Raccoon Circles, Webbing

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