Playdough Pictionary

Type of Activity: Energizer/Ice Breaker

Props Needed: Cans of Playdough

Set Up: Split your group up into even teams.  You can have as many teams as you have      playdough for, and as many people on a team as you want.  I wouldn't go any higher than 5 or 6 though.  Give each team a can of playdough.

Process: Eith the playdough instruct participants to send one team member from each group to the facilitator and receive a word.  They then must run/walk fast back to their group and mold that word out of playdough.  The first team to get it right shouts it out and gets a point.  You don't have to keep score if you don't want to.  I like to use this one to determine who goes through the lunch line first...  The team with the most points gets to grub first.

As the facilitator, it's important that everyone sees the word at the same time.  That way it is fair to each team.  I like to write down a bunch of words on a sheet of paper and place a blank sheet of paper over the top of the words.  Then as the word getters are gathered around you, slide the blank piece of paper down so that only one word is exposed.  That way they don't see what the next word will be.

This is a very fun activity!  Lots of laughs.

Sample words to use:  chair, bike, sun, heart, hot dog, hamburger, cow, butterfly, car, clock, boat, pumpkin, marbles, turtle.

Variation: I have also seen this with ropes. Give the groups a couple of short ropes and then have them make the words, is a little harder to complete sometimes.

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