Flashback Tag

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a nice big open area to run around in. Plays well with 12 to 25 for 15 to 20 minutes.  A fast walking game or free speed depending on your group. We also like to revisit the, “Bumpers Up” running position – arms up in front of the participant’s chest area, fingers up, palms facing away from the participants body, and a little bend in the elbows. This position will do a couple things. It will slow the participants down a bit – it’s hard to run real fast with the arms up, and the hands and arms will be used to absorb some of the shock of another participant’s body if they come too close to each other. (And, in this game, the hands are ready for tagging.) During this Bumper practice, remind the participants that you all want to be safe by watching out for each other during all the running around - avoid the “crashes.”

Process: So, on with the game. This is a group tag game very similar to the infamous Everybody’s IT but no one has to be out. Each participant will be tagging other participants to gain a score. A tag can only be done using an open hand touching the “back” (not the “back-side”) of any other participant in the group. Each time a participant touches someone’s back they get a point – keeping track of their own score. Before starting, point out the boundary area. There really is no need to mark them because if participants run to far from the action they will not be able to gain any points. Each round lasts for 30 seconds (or more if you like - we don’t go beyond 60 seconds). The objective is for the participants to get as many points as they can during each round. Participants will end up with different scores in 30 seconds, this is great – diversity. Explain that there is no overall “winner.” The idea will be to play several rounds and try to achieve a new personal best each time. When they are ready, give them the, “GO” and start the time. Give them a 10 second warning and then a 5 second count-down using the word, “FREEZE” to indicate that the time is up - to stop moving and tagging. Go around and ask them how they did, give them a little rest, challenge them to beat their personal best, and then start another round.

Variation: To make Flashback Tag more competitive, first participant to 10 points (or more) shouts, “TEN!” and the game is over. Rematches are bound to ensue.

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