Eye Contact Partner Tag

Type of Activity: Energizer

Props Needed: None

Set Up: Need a mid-size open space for your group to run around in. Plays well with 16 to 25 (or more) for 10 to 15 minutes.  Have (or set up) every participant with a partner. A group of three will work out if needed. Create a boundary area (using safe corner markers like coats or sweaters) suitable for your group size – the smaller the area the more interesting the game (the larger the area the more dangerous – faster running).

Process: This one plays like the historical Partner Tag where participants use a simple hand tag to transfer the “IT.” Also the only participant you will be able to tag is your partner and after being tagged you must make two complete turns in place before proceeding to tag your partner back. All these same rules apply to ECPT however, the one big difference is the mode of tagging. To tag your partner you must make eye contact with her or him. With this in mind, there are a few additional rules. All participants must keep their eyes open. Non-“IT” participants must keep their open eyes (it’s okay to blink) at cranium level – either making eye contact with another participant or looking at some part of another participants skull area. Finally, we like to play the no-contact rule. Participants are not allowed to link up in any way with another person as to prevent another participant access to   possible eye contact. To start the game, decide which participant will be “IT” first. The “ITs” stand in the center of the boundary area for a count of five (the group counting together) while the other participants find strategic (?!) advantage within the playing area. We tend to play 60 second rounds. After 60 seconds the untagged partner is the winner of the round. ECPT is one of those games that is not done justice by the written word. Give it a try, it’s really interesting.

Variations: You might add the rule that participants may not maintain eye contact with anyone for more than 3 seconds – adds a bit more “tagging” potential. We often progress into ECPT from the traditional tag version (Partner Tag) to keep the game and interest going. And if we may (props are involved), Chris Cavert’s favorite Partner Tag variation is played with foam pool Noodles!

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