Dollar Jump

Type of Activity: Energizer or Time Filler

Props Needed: Dollar bills/Laminated fake dollars

Set Up: Here's a stunt that almost everyone will be eager to try.  If you have all your debts paid and have a spare dollar, place a dollar bill flat on the ground and tell the participants that anyone who can jump over the bill lengthwise earns the dollar.

Process: The hitch is--they must grab their toes (on both feet) by reaching over the front of their feet and not let go during the jump or landing.

Stipulations: 1)  Participants must jump forward over the length of the bill.  2)  They may not fall backwards; (long jump rules are in effect).  3)  Participants start with their toes as close to the bill as possible.  Heels must clear the vertical plane of the end of the bill after the jump, in order to be successful.  4)  If they cannot clear the length of the dollar, see if they can clear the width of the dollar.

If you are strapped for funds or don't want to use real money, use fake money.

Be sure to try this tricky and difficult event yourself before you start handing out cash.  You may even want to put two bills end-to-end because of the shrinking dollar....

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