Category Circles

Category Circles

Have the group form a circle and toss the Category Mania Thumball to one person.  Have that person announce the category listed underneath their right thumb.  The person to their right shouts out an answer that would match the category.  For example, if the category called out is "Cartoon Characters" the person to the right could call out, "Fred Flinstone".   Then the next person to the right could call out, "Bugs Bunny".  This continues until the category is passed all of the way around the circle.  If everyone in the circle can call out a correct answer that matches the category, the team receives one point.  If an incorrect answer is called out, then no point is given for that round and the ball is passed to a new person.

Some of the categories are harder than others.  Cartoon Characters could go on forever, but how many US Presidents could your participants answer?

Variation:  Speed Category Circles

In this variation the group is timed to see how many categories they can successfully get through in 3 minutes.  Have one person be the timer and another person count how many successful categories the group can get through.  Adding the time measurement causes a lot of stress!

Variation 2:  Speed Singles Category Circles

In this variation the group is still timed to see how many categories they can successfully get through in 3 minutes, however each category is only answered by one person.  The ball is thrown to one  person, they check under their right thumb, announce the category and shout out 5 correct answers that match the category.  As soon as they are finished they pass the ball to someone else.

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