Buddy Tag

Type of Activity:  Energizer

Set Up: Boundaries of some sort/marker cones can be used in large open space. Best for groups 8 or more.

Process: Have everyone partner up.  Have one participant decide who will be "it" first and who will be "chased" first.  The person who is "it" first closes their eyes and counts to 10.   Meanwhile, the person being "chased" is moving away from the person who is "it".  At the count of 10 the person who is "it" will open their eyes and try to find the person they are chasing.  If that person is tagged by the "it" then they reverse roles.  The person who WAS being chased is now IT and closes their eyes and counts to 10 and starts the process over.  A fast walking pace is highly recommended instead of allowing running.  Fast Walking is safer and easier to control.  Can be used in small groups or groups as large as 3,000!

Variations: Instead of counting to 10 and closing your eyes when you are tagged, have the tagged person (the new it) turn a circle before fast walking after their partner.  This version allows for a few more exchanges of roles within the partners in a smaller amount of time.

Cyclopes Tag-  Person who is “it” makes the letter O with their hand and put it up to one eye. That is the limited line of sight that the person who is “it” must use, thus the Cyclops.

Debriefing Topics:

  • Was it difficult to find your partner amongst all of the other people?
  • What strategies did you come up with to avoid getting tagged? to tag your partner?

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