All Aboard

Type of Activity: Problem-Solving, Change, Energizer

Props Needed: Webbing circles

Set Up: Place a single Raccoon Circle on the floor, a wooden platform is typically used for this activity.  Begin with a full length Raccoon Circle (15 feet - 4.6 meters), tied with a water knot as the first size circle. Then have several other lengths of Raccoon Circles ready to additionally challenge the group (or you can simply tie other full length Raccoon Circles with water knots that have progressively longer tails - which will create smaller and smaller circles).

Process: Like the wooden platforms typically used for this activity, ask all participants in a group to stand inside the circle, long enough to sing one verse of “Row, row, row your boat.”

Debriefing Topics:

A great ‘leadership’ model of this activity was created by Clare Marie Hannon.  She discusses some of the leadership traits and practices proposed by Kouzes and Posner in their book, “The Leadership Challenge.”  For example, the largest All Aboard platform or Raccoon Circle could have all five of the practices suggested by Kouzes and Posner (inspiring a shared vision, modeling the way, etc.)  Smaller and smaller platforms or Raccoon Circles would hold few of these talents or practices.  The group is quick to realize that with fewer skills (i.e. smaller Raccoon Circles), getting the group to successfully finish the task, becomes harder and harder.  The more leadership skills they possess (the larger the All Aboard platforms or Raccoon Circles), the easier the completion of the task becomes.

  • Describe the specific steps the group took to be successful with this activity?
  • How were ideas communicated with the group?
  • Were all of the ideas listened to before the group started?

For resources:  The Book of Raccoon Circles, Webbing

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