Plus / Delta

What’s Good, What needs Improvement

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed:  A flipchart and markers can be helpful.

Here is a simple and straight forward processing technique which encourages the group to consider what is positive (plus) about their performance, and potential improvement opportunities (delta).

Set Up:  Sketching a vertical line down the middle of a flip chart, with a plus sign (+) on the left, and a delta sign (∆) on the right is typically helpful.

Concepts:  Rather than identifying team behavior in conventional good-bad categories, the plus delta model provides a positive spin to both sides of the evaluation.  Positive attributes are obviously positive in nature, and delta attributes become positive opportunities for change.

Process:  At the completion of the activity, the facilitator presents the plus-delta model to the group.

Group members are now invited to identify positive attributes about their performance, and likewise to identify attributes that they would like to alter or change in the future.


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