Mood Swings

Type of Activity:  Debriefing Tool

Props Needed:  Mood Swings Book

Process:  Here are several examples of Mood Swings Feeling Card activities.

You can use Feelings Cards if a participant is having trouble describing the feelings they are experiencing.  Spread the feelings words out and invite participants to choose a word that best describes how they are feeling.  Ask each participant to share why they chose the word they did.

You can also use Feelings pages for a sharing circle.  Have each participant choose a page and tell the group about a time when they experienced that feeling.

Mood Swings Book:  This book is designed as a free-standing desk display.  You flip the front cover of the book back and attach it to the inside flap to create a sturdy desk display.  Then choose from the expression that best fits your mood and display it so everyone knows!  The

expressions have a white cartoon caricature wildly expressing the different feelings.  All of the pages are in full color.  To use experientially, you can cut the pages out of the book, laminate them for longevity, and use them as feelings cards.  These images match the Mood Dudes, also described in this book.

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