Leave Your Mark

 Leave Your Mark


Michelle learned this powerful activity while working at The Saint Francis Academy.  The final day of a 10 program the kids would get to paint their hand and press it onto the wall of the building.  It helped them verbalize what they were leaving behind and the changes they were going to make.  Some kids that visited the program at a later date knew exactly where their handprint was.  Now that's an impact!

Concepts: Leaving a permanent mark at a place where the experience happened.

Source:  A Teachable Moment, Cain, Cummings, Stanchfield

Props/Materials Needed: Paint, a water source to wash hands, a paint brush, a permanent surface--wall, tire, bed sheet that would hang on a wall, large blank puzzle piece, etc.


Here is a powerful reflection technique.

Discuss with the group things they want to leave behind, i.e. bad attitude, poor grades, cursing.

After some self-reflection, encourage each participant to share.

After each participant shares what they are leaving behind, let them paint their hand and leave their mark.

Allow participants to wash their hands after they place their handprint.

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