Impression Feet

Type of Activity: Processing

Props Needed: Enough Impression feet for each participant.

Impression feet are small plastic feet about 3/4" long and have a heart cut out of the heel.  This makes them great for participants to hang onto shoelaces, keychains, backpacks, necklaces, etc. Great to reflect on how, when we walk through life, we leave an impression and that the heart can reflect walking with kindness.

Concept: Having participants present someone a token of how they made an impression on them.

Process: At the beginning of the day/program, explain to the group that if you walk through the dirt or the mud you would leave an impression with your foot.  As you walk through life you leave an impression on people by your interaction with them.  Many times impressions are left on people’s hearts.  Invite the group to watch all of their team members (not just best friends) since each person gives us their unique dimension. Then at the end of the day, set a pile of impression feet out in the middle of the circle, one for each person.  Ask participants to present a foot to another in their team, and state what that person did that left a good impression on them. Each person can only receive one foot, so it’s important that they observe each of their team mates throughout the day.

It's pretty amazing how even kids as young as first grade can sit still, wait and listen and articulate what their team members did that made them feel good.  It's also funny that kids sometimes want to change the foot color, but since it's a gift, they don't get to choose their color and won't trade.  It's also kind of cute how recipients value them. They love when they get a new color in a new year or on a different program.

Variation: Ask each person to take a foot and describe how the program made an impression on them.

Notes: Having a tool that the group can take home with them is very valuable.  It can anchor them back to the experience they had in your program.  To replenish your impression feet supply, see the Training Wheels web site.

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