Food for Thought

Type of Activity:  Processing

Concept:  To engage participants in discussing what is going on in their lives.

Props Needed:  Copies of a place setting (Click Here)

Process:  Food for Thought/Setting Your Place.  Pass out a place setting picture to each participant.  Ask them to follow these directions:

  • On the plate:  List all the things “on your plate” right now.
  • On the fork:  List what new things you’d like to take a stab at.
  • On the napkin:  List what things protect you.
  • On the knife:  List what things are cutting away at you or your time.
  • On the spoon:  You probably don’t want to be spoon fed, but list what things you’d like help with.

After everyone is finished, go around and have each person share one or two things on their plate.

Where to find it/How to Make It:  Copy the place setting page and pass it out to each participant.

Variation:  Use actual utensils from plastic picnic wear, or discuss this around the dinner table.


For more resources see: A Teachable Moment

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