Efficiency and Effectiveness

Type of Activity: Processing, Quantifying the Experience

Props Needed: A simple dial board for each metric, or a paper illustration of a blank dial for each.

Concepts: From a corporate perspective, efficiency and effectiveness are two metrics which help to quantify the performance of an organization.  In this case, two simple illustrations are used to       present these metrics to the group.

Process: At the completion of the challenge, the facilitator presents the dial boards, labeled with the words ‘EFFICIENCY’ and ‘EFFECTIVENESS.’

The facilitator may wish to provide a definition for each word.  In this case efficiency refers to the ability of the group to complete a task in a timely manner, with minimal ‘off task’ conversation or effort.  Effectiveness refers to the outcome of the process.  Was the job accomplished successfully, correctly, without mistakes or errors?

Group members are then asked to place each indicator dial in the position reflected by the group’s performance.

A discussion about the placement of each dial, and whether there is consensus within the group for this location, is appropriate.

When paper illustrations are provided, group members are asked to individually mark their impression of the correct dial location.  A discussion related to the dispersion of dial locations, and the average location, is useful.

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