Consensus Thumbs

Type of Activity: Processing, Consensus

Props Needed: One thumb per participant.

Concept: To aid participants in consensus voting.  See Consensus Cards for more consensus     activities.

Process: Explain what consensus is to the group.

Next, demonstrate the three positions of the thumb and what each position means.

  • Thumbs Up:  I agree with the decision
  • Thumbs Sideways:  It wouldn't be my first choice, but I will fully participate and support the group.
  • Thumbs Down:  I do not agree.  We need to discuss further.

Help the group understand that consensus is arrived when there are no participants with a Thumbs Down.  If there is one Thumbs Down you have majority rules, not Consensus.

Debriefing Topics:

  • How did the Consensus Thumbs process aid your decision?
  • What is most helpful to you using Consensus Thumbs?
  • How can you use this tool after this program?

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