Balloon Blow Processing Activity

Balloon Blow

This simple prop activity will 'stretch' your participants.  Thanks Mary Ann for your contribution! 

Contributor:  Mary Ann Loeffler, CTRS 

Source:  A Teachable Moment, Cain, Cummings, Stanchfield.  pg 53

Props/Materials needed: One balloon person. 

Concept: To help participants identify changes they experienced during the program. 


  • Have your participants get into a circle. 
  • Give everyone a balloon.  
  • Instruct them to blow up the balloon and hold on to the end.  
  • Next, tell them to let the balloon go, retrieve it, and then bring it back to the circle.  Have everyone sit and place their balloon in front of them.  
  • Talk about how after a balloon is inflated, it never goes back to it's pre-stretched shape.  
  • Then, ask questions like, 'Where did you stretch yourself today?' 'Where did you collapse?' ,  'Where do you find resistance (in your life, school, work).' , 'Where do you find energy/breath that helps you flow?'  
  • Have each person share.

Where to find it/How to make it:

You can buy balloons at most large discount stores.

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