Worlds Largest Underpants Concept

Sadly, these have been discontinued by the manufacturer. But with a little creativity, we are sure that you can still do this activity.

OK, these were an impulse buy and ended up being a great variation to the game of ships and sharks! Instead of using hula hoops or webbing circles to travel across the playing field.....why not use a pair of the World's Largest Underpants! A hillarious way to spice up your bag of tricks.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I LOVE the "world's largest undies". Sorry, but somebody has got to tell you how great these are! I'm a elementary school social worker, and I've used them lots with kids/classrooms when I have to talk about being flexible and give-n-take. However, my favorite use is with staff. I bring 'em out when we have to talk about "crap" know, the crud that nobody wants to tackle head on, but everyone wants it taken care of??? It's just a way to put people at ease when tackeling the tuff stuff!"

~Thanks, Mary T. Schmitz, MN

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