Virtues & Values Thumball

Virtue & Values Thumball

The virtue & values ball is a great tool to use to point out good actions, experiences, personal achievements, etc within an activity or a program for individual reflection or as a group. It encourages self-reflection and goal setting.

Type of Activity:  Get to Knot You, Ice Breaker Tool

Props Needed:  Thumball

Set Up:  The easiest way to play is to get the participants into a circle and ask them to toss the ball to one another.  Whenever the ball is caught, ask that person to look underneath their right thumb for the category.

Process:  Ball has all letters of the alphabet A – Z. On each letter panel are 3 words that are view as a virtue or value. Throw it, catch it, and ask them choose one characteristic that represents them or another. Discuss attributes you would like to have more or less of.

If the participant does not like the category they can quickly toss the ball to themselves for a new category to answer.


  • Answer the question found under your thumb about yourself.
  • Give an example when another participant…
  • Ask another participant the question.
  • Predict the answer another participant would give.
  • Recall the answers given by other participants.


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